christy cox resources for learning

Christy Cox, BA

Project Manager

Christy joined Resources for Learning (RFL) in January 2008. Her responsibilities include educator training and presentation development, professional learning design, curriculum development, standards alignment, project planning and execution, and survey development and analysis. Christy’s specialties include creative communication strategies along with project management.

Christy works in the following service areas at RFL:

  • Evaluation and Research
  • Assessment
  • Curriculum
  • Professional Learning
  • Creative Services
  • Consulting Services

With a background in marketing and creative media production, Christy enthusiastically merged a passion for education with a strong understanding of effective communication strategies. Much of Christy’s concentration at RFL has been centered around curriculum development, survey planning and programming, proposal coordination, and overall project management, along with a significant focus on professional development and educator support programs.

Prior to joining RFL, Christy gained professional experience working within the Financial Aid Division of Austin Community College, as well as carrying out an extended internship position with the Texas Music Office, Office of the Governor Rick Perry.

Christy earned a Bachelor of Arts in communication, with a specialization in media arts, public relations, and advertising, from St. Edward’s University.