Our Mission

Resources for Learning’s mission is to promote learning by providing comprehensive and integrated supports to school systems. We offer critical support and services to make educational programs a success for all learners.

Our Core Values

Integrity: Integrity is evident in everything we do at RFL. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards. We treat each other and our clients with the utmost respect. Having integrity means we genuinely care about what we do, as well as the people with and for whom we do it. ~Lisa

Collaboration: Collaboration is the foundation of our work here at RFL. Our multidisciplinary team draws on diverse experience and expertise as we collaborate with all stakeholders to iterate throughout the entire flow of each project. Through deep thinking, collaboration, and open communication, we ensure our clients receive the highest quality process and products. ~Shelley

Diversity: We cherish diversity in all forms. We believe that the greater the breadth of diversity brought to a project, the more innovative, creative, and meaningful the resulting work will be. ~Amy

Equity: All students deserve equal access to ladders of opportunity. Equity means that our work reflects the perspective of each member of the education system. We take extra care to be sure that no matter what solution we design and implement, each member’s needs are met, no matter who they are. ~Nate

Flexibility: We relate to the changing needs and schedules experienced by our clients, and the flexibility of the RFL environment allows us to respond in ways that support our clients’ needs. ~Judy

Innovation: At the core of it, innovation is about always striving to improve. The work we do at Resources for Learning follows this ethos of innovation, and we are consistently exploring how to unlock new solutions to the questions and challenges schools face. ~Caryn

Quality: Quality is inherent in every step of the process at RFL. We hold ourselves to a standard that exceeds client expectations. It isn’t just a lack of errors, but a commitment to excellence that permeates throughout. ~Kayla