Judy Jennings, PhD

Senior Consultant

Judy joined Resources for Learning (RFL) in 2005. Her responsibilities include design and implementation of evaluation projects, development of classroom assessments, data analysis, and report creation. Judy’s specialties are interpreting assessment data, analyzing student-level data, and developing school accountability models. Her interests include small numbers concerns in statistical interpretation, rubric creation and analysis, and standard setting. Judy also enjoys developing understandable interpretations of assessment results.

Judy works in the following service areas at RFL:

  • Evaluation and Research
  • Assessment
  • Curriculum
  • Professional Development
  • Consulting Services

Prior to joining RFL, Judy was a manager in the Division of Performance-Based Monitoring for the Texas Education Agency (TEA) where she assisted in the publication of district-level performance monitoring reports, developed performance indicators, and analyzed and interpreted data. Prior to working at TEA, Judy was a project manager for ESP Solutions Group where she managed web-based access to accountability data for teachers and administrators in school districts. She has also been a researcher at the University of Texas Measurement and Evaluation Center where she assisted with data analysis using SAS and SPSS software.

Judy earned a Doctor of Philosophy in educational psychology in the area of psychometrics and statistics and a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from the University of Texas at Austin.