A Look Back and What’s Ahead

Welcome to our new website and blog! Resources for Learning (RFL) will celebrate (and we do mean celebrate!) its 20th anniversary on March 1, 2018. In those 20 years, we have had the opportunity to work with many committed educators to create, implement, and evaluate innovative programs designed to help all students, but especially those who are in the most need. Our work has centered around several key areas:

  • Fine arts. One of our first projects was editing curriculum frameworks for the Center for Educator Development in Fine Arts (CEDFA). We are honored to continue our work with CEDFA to this day and contribute to the impact of the arts on student learning in all areas.
  • Advanced academics. With Education Service Center Region 13 and the Texas Education Agency, we have worked on numerous projects to bring advanced academics and gifted/talented education to all students. The identification of gifted/talented students has not always been equitable. We’re proud to be changing that and providing challenging instruction for gifted students who may often be left behind. One example of how we’ve done that is through the Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP).
  • Professional learning. The original purpose of RFL was to develop, implement, and assess educator standards. Though we have expanded beyond that early intention, we are still committed to ensuring that teachers have the support and learning they need. We have implemented several beginning teacher support programs, including our own Scaffolded Solutions. Additionally, in partnership with Learning Forward, we have had opportunities to evaluate some of the most forward-thinking professional learning occurring in the country.
  • School and district improvement. We have had numerous opportunities to look in depth at challenges schools and districts face and make suggestions for improvement. Examples of this work can be found in the numerous School Performance Reviews we have worked on with the Legislative Budget Board.
  • Social and emotional learning. At the core of everything we do is the well-being of students and the educators who serve them. Our most recent partnership with Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing and the development of Hallway Heroes for grades 1-8 is an example of our commitment to social and emotional learning as a key component for academic success.

Please explore our website for more detail about the products and services we provide, and follow this blog to learn more about our current work and the interests and passions of the talented staff of RFL.

By Linda Wurzbach, President and founder of Resources for Learning.