Sherri Segovia, PhD

Senior Project Manager

Sherri joined RFL in October 2015. Her responsibilities include managing educational research and technology projects, professional development, curriculum development, and program evaluation. Sherri’s specialty is interdisciplinary curriculum development that blends traditional instruction with interactive media technologies.

Sherri works in the following service areas at RFL:

  • Evaluation and Research
  • Assessment
  • Curriculum
  • Professional Learning
  • Consulting Services

Sherri’s expertise is a blend of fine arts, digital media, videogames, and design. She was named Guest-Artist-in-Residence at Brookhaven College of Fine Arts for the 2015-16 cycle, funded by the Takis Mouzenidis Endowment at the Dallas County Community College District Foundation. She also volunteers technical support and network development for the World Dance Alliance Americas.

Prior to joining RFL, Sherri was Design Director for Assess Systems in Dallas, Texas where she led a design team developing Internet applications with organizational psychologists in the talent management industry. Since 2013, she has been a lecturer with the University of Texas at Dallas, teaching Basic Design Principles and Practices. Additionally, Sherri worked with RFL as a curriculum writer and trainer for two years prior to joining the company full time.

Sherri has a Doctor of Philosophy in arts and technology from the University of Texas at Dallas, a Master of Fine Arts in dance from the University of California Irvine, and a Bachelor of Arts in management from Saint Mary’s College of California.